Discover apps and solutions that will improve your work and make it more pleasant

They ensure that your work is more likeable and efficient. They are like Pokemons. You gotta catch ‘em all but it’s impossible. Catch only the best ones instead. Which of them? Check our compilation of 14 proven apps and solutions and choose yourself!


Reading enables us to drag ourselves away from daily matters and move our minds to a different world. However, after the whole day spent in front of the computer we not necessarily want to focus on paper pages for hours. That’s why the audiobooks are a great alternative. We can listen to them in a crowded metro train, while driving or preparing a dinner. Relaxation and intellectual entertainment in one place!


Although its name comes from yoga, we don’t use this tool for body and mind exercises but for team and project management. Create tasks, assign them to the colleagues and check the progress. It’s possible to integrate Asana with other apps what enables you to work even more efficiently.


Ingenious meditation app which teaches attention and brings moment of calmness even during the worst and hardest day. Choose the practice aim that seems to be interesting for you, visual and sound theme and let the app guide you. Ease, clear mind, keeping distance and new work power are guaranteed!


This apps enables to save materials such as texts, documents, pictures. Once the note is saved, its can be seen on every mobile device. What is more, you can also search through the handwriting! Taking notes hasn’t ever been so easy! Ideas and book cuttings are now in one place.


App, which wins hearts of users around the world, teaches meditation and changes the way we perceive it. Thanks to Headspace we can calm down, gather thoughts and eliminate stress. All we need are 10 minutes a day! It will work well after a hard day and enable us to shake off the stress, clear mind and gain new energy.


Do you work with computer and need to focus, concentrate and dissociate from external sounds? Noisli will help you. Put your headphones on, choose a sound mode that interests you and move your imagination to another space. Choice possibilities are great: starting from the nature sounds (sea wave noises, forest rustle, fire noises) through clamour in a coffee house or noises of an office fan and ending with an old train sounds. It’s winter and you dream about warm sunny island? Say no more! Activate your imagination and move to the other dimension.


That’s a Chrome plugin which reduces the number of open tabs. Just click on “OneTab” and Chrome tabs will roll up and create a list until you want them to be back. We can spare time, space and order things at once!


Don’t waste your time on distracting yourself from work in order to read interesting texts. Gather all articles, movie or book titles and all the appealing materials in one place so you can read them later. You can go back to the saved content even in the offline mode! A five-minute task won’t ever take 30 minutes due to unplanned actions.

Remember the milk

How many times during a week do you feel you’ve got so many tasks to do that you don’t know from where to start? Remember the milk enables you to create tasks quickly. It has a lot of practical functionalities such as possibility to prioritize tasks, due dates or tags. The app will remind you about everything wherever you are by texting, sending e-mails or using Twitter. It’s also connected with other tools (Gmail, Evernote). Thanks to Remember the milk you can create an endless number of tasks described by labels and divide them into subtasks.


That’s a communication tool with many possibilities. Create conversation rooms and group channels, send files, set reminders and upgrade the app with add-ons. Slack is perfect for team work.

Stay Focused

A Chrome plugin which will help you to eliminate an unproductive Internet surfing by monitoring your activity. Firstly enter time limit for specific pages, then when it passes, page will be blocked so that you can focus on things that matter. Watch your results and learn how to spend time online more effectively.

Tomato Timer

That’s a popular and easy way to organize your time which is based on working on just one task while being intensively focused for 25 minutes, then comes the five-minute break. After four such cycles, a longer 20-30 minute break is recommended. In order to make this method work, we have to prepare task priority list earlier. Tomato-Timer is a time tracker that controls our cycles and measures breaks. It’s an easy solutions that gives results! You can read more about Pomodoro here, in our previous article.


Easy tool to create task lists. For instance, it enables to divide our action plan in three sections: things to do, things in progress and things which are done. Carry out your plan and watch how the number of executed projects grows – your motivation will surely grow too. Additionally you can share your tasks with other users, attach Google Drive or Dropbox files and comment activities.


Thanks to this app you will create task lists and share them with other users. It enables to assign tasks to other colleagues. Moreover, it’s a great communication tool as you can comment and share your opinion.



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