How to create a space conducive to concentration? Learn about the power of colour psychology

Before we take on an action, we tend to overthink it, wonder about all the “what ifs”, search for the best ways to do it… In reality what we do is an unproductive waste of time instead of an action. Much simpler and more effective is to start doing what you want to do and perfect the project on the go. However, this first step is the most difficult part. You can help yourself by decorating your workspace with motivating colours. Learn about the rules of the psychology of colours and see how you can manage your productivity!

Surely you can feel how the colours (i.e. of your clothes) impact on your well-being and mood. The influence of colours is very powerful, it touches the subconscious, temperament, and the psychic. How is it possible? The colours we experience are in fact a physical light. Each hue has a different frequency and length of the wave which our eyes catch, and therefore it generates various effects. Depending on the wavelength, the colours are transferring their energy and change the speed of electrons which can be found in any living organism. Thus, they can even stimulate the cell growth and the internal organs. If you wish to work more effectively, see how you should adjust your space to what you do.

Creative work

If your work is creative, you can allow yourself to go a little crazy and choose vibrant colours which will stimulate your work. The combination of green and yellow is recommended. The blue is also often chosen as a colour which relaxes us and, at the same time, opens our minds to the new ideas.

Analytical work

If you have a job requiring a lot of focus, choose a minimalistic style and go with the light, tranquil, clear, and toned colours such as beige, sky blue, or greys. It is advisable to stand by the balanced colour scheme and avoid distracting intensive hues.


Getting ready to an exam or a conference, you will need a high concentration and, simultaneously, strength and energy to master the new materials. That is why it is worth to decorate your space with light colours and complement them with a vibrant accent (like pastel yellow or pastel orange). Such combination will help you focus and stimulate your studying.

See what else you have to know about colours, wishing to stimulate your productiveness effectively.


Colour red is the most motivating one from among all others. Additionally, it strengthens short term memory, stimulates physiology, boosts blood pressure, speeds heart rate, and makes you blink more. You should surround yourself with red, although only when you are well balanced emotionally. Only then you can experience positive features of red. When you are downhearted, sad, or nervous, red will deepen your negative mood.


Blue activates brain’s right hemisphere and is responsible for our sensitivity, creativity and creative problem solving. It is recommended for creatives: graphic designers, writers, artists. Blue is a cold colour, that is why it is reluctantly chosen during the autumn. It is recommended for those who struggle to lose weight because eating from blue plates lowers your appetite.


Yellow, as well as orange, or salmon-coloured, lightens up and stimulates you. People willingly choose this colour during autumn and winter when we have little contact with the sun and subconsciously prefer to surround ourselves with warm hues. Yellow strengthens logical thinking, that is why we remember better and study more effectively around it. What is more, this colour visually enlarges the room, so it is good for painting the walls, especially of kids’ rooms, so they could develop their skills more effectively. Yellow is also good for fighting bad mood and depression.


This is the colour which helps you relax after a hard day of work. It eases the tension, helps you fight the stress and gives you psycho-physical balance. It is recommended for active people looking for peace, harmony, and inner balance.


Grey makes you mellow and calm. It also creates a form of a barrier from the outside world, so too much of grey may cause the feeling of sadness and loneliness. Greys are not recommended in the autumn-winter time because they might make you downhearted.


Black makes you fell quiet, calm, and confident. It highlights your authority, boost competences, and also gives you a dash of secretiveness.


This colour boosts your optimism, improves your mood, and takes away negative emotions. White helps you deal with your problems, gives a feeling of security and freedom. It has a beneficial effect on the intuition. Combining whites and blacks is recommended to achieve a balance. Excess of white though may affect malaise.

When arranging your workspace, follow your own hunch. If you feel aversion to certain colours, trust yourself and do not introduce them to your surroundings by force. Remember, you do not have to reorganise and repaint the whole office to feel the power of colours. You need only significant details like a poster on the wall, sip from a mug with a strong slogan, or colourful sticker on your laptop to feel positive energy. Invite the colours to your space and see where they can take you!



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