Just[start]: off we go! Discover our project

The hardest part is to start. Another day of work, report which was to be made yesterday, cleaning – waiting at home another week, first blog post… All of us need a little motivation sometimes. That is why we created just[start]: a source of positive inspiration expressed in artistic graphics.

How poster on the wall can change the world?

We noticed that it’s better to work in creatively decorated space, full of inspiring objects. We wish to share with you what motivates us every day. Just[start] designs are created in collaboration with artists. Each of our objects is made individually with attention to quality. The store offers posters, framed prints, stickers, and mugs. We believe that surrounding yourself with inspirational things can make you achieve more. Or, in the worst case – that you will have a nice decoration above the desk 😉

How you can change the world?

There are people who have difficult start from the beginning and getting an education or a satisfying job becomes a true challenge for them. We can change that, but… we need your help! Over 10% of every ordered product is donated to the development of entrepreneurship and education. Thanks to you we can support young generations together. We cooperate with non-governmental organizations which make sure that your help brings maximum benefits. The first patron of our project is Polska Przedsiębiorcza.

On this blog we will update information about the organizations working with us. We will also tell you how we support young people and what effects brings your help. Keep in touch: visit us often and follow us on Facebook fb.com/juststart.pl.

We’ve just started. Your turn!



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