Introducing just[start]!

If procrastination never stole your time – hats off to you! However, a bit of everyday motivation is essential for many people to start another day of hard work. That’s why we’ve created just[start]: the source of positive inspiration expressed in artistic designs.

How poster on the wall can change the world?

Significantly. Because creative space influences your work. Just[start] is an European brand of motivational items which inspire action. We create our designs in cooperation with artists. Each item is handmade with attention to highest quality. We believe that surrounding yourself with inspirational items can help you achieve more. Or, in worst case, that you will have a nice decoration above the desk.

3… 2… 1… STOP! Not everyone can just[start]

Unfortunately, not everyone can say: where there’s a will there’s a way. There are people who have difficult start from the beginning and for them getting an education or a satisfying job becomes a true challenge. We can change that, but… we need your help! At least 10% of every ordered product is donated to the development of entrepreneurship and education. Thanks to you we can support young generations together. We cooperate with non-governmental organizations which make sure that your help brings maximum benefits. Our experiences are presented on the company blog and social media channels.