Privacy Policy

JUST START is an internet website located at This document, together with the Terms and Conditions of use of JUST START, determines the framework principles of use of JUST START. The responsibility for implementing the Privacy Policy lies with the JUST START company – artiglo group sp. z o.o. with its registered office located at ul. Święcickiego 14, 01-614 Warszawa. Contact details:

The administrator of personal data processed in relation with the provision of services is artiglo group sp. z o.o. with its registered office located at ul.Święcickiego 14, 01-614 Warszawa, contact details:


All personal data processed by the JUST START website are processed with the consent of persons to whom they relate.


All persons provide consent to the processing of their personal data by ticking the relevant box while registering their account with JUST START.


JUST START accounts can be created by natural persons with full legal capacity, legal entities and organisational units without a legal personality.


The administrator of personal data processes personal data in order to:

a) ensure the correct provision of services by the JUST START website, as well as to carry out deliveries of purchased Goods,

b) send advertising contents electronically to persons whose data are processed, if they have provided their clear separate consent thereto.


Persons whose personal data are processed shall have the right to access their data, in particular, to correct (update) them, and the right to request that the processing of their data is ceased. To exercise this right, the interested person should edit the data found on their profile, which can be accessed after logging into JUST START. Should it be impossible to edit or delete data, the interested person should contact the personal data administrator via e-mail at:


While contacting persons whose personal data are being processed, the administrator of personal data shall use the e-mail address provided during registration.

§ 7.

Data shall be processed by the administrator of personal data and by entities contracted to process personal data in compliance with data security requirements imposed by the Polish law.


Databases containing information regarding persons who hold an account with JUST START have been entered in the register kept by the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection under the names of: “just start users” and “just start marketing”, and the following documents have been prepared: information security policy and IT system management manual. Third parties may be commissioned to process personal data on the basis of written entrustment agreements.


The administrator of personal data shall use technical and organisational means to ensure appropriate protection of personal data processed, in particular, to protect data against their disclosure to unauthorised parties, acquisition by unauthorised parties, illegal processing and against data being amended, lost, damaged or corrupted. The IT system used to process personal data of JUST START users ensures a high level of security of personal data processing, as described in the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration of 29 April 2004 regarding data processing records and technical and organisational requirements to be met by IT equipment and systems used for personal data processing (Journal of Laws of 2004, No.100, item 1024).


In order to transfer a database of personal data administered by the personal data administrator to a third party, the administrator must meet the relevant requirements provided for by the Polish law.


Natural persons creating an account with JUST START consent for their personal data provided to be published on their public JUST START profile.


Persons making purchases from JUST START consent for their data, including their personal data, to be disclosed to third parties involved in the payment or delivery process, to the extent necessary for the correct fulfilment of the purchase transaction.

§ 13.

Access to the JUST START account is password-protected.


The administrator of personal data shall not be liable for the contents published by persons who hold an account with JUST START.


The JUST START company reserves the right to amend this privacy policy. The currently valid privacy policy is always available on: , in a downloadable and printable format. The privacy policy may be amended following the same procedure which is used for amending the Terms and Conditions, i.e. in compliance with the relevant deadlines and with the obligation to notify the interested parties in advance.


Cookies should be used in order to use the JUST START website.

§ 17.

Cookies constitute IT data, in particular text files, stored on the service recipient’s end device and facilitate the use of the JUST START website. Cookies usually contain the name of the website they originate from, the time of their storage on the end device and a unique ID number.


Cookies are mainly used for the following purposes:

a) to create statistics to help us understand how the visitors of the website use it,

b) to maintain the user’s session so that the user does not have to log in on every individual subpage,

c) to provide additional services in order to improve the general quality of service at JUST START.


The JUST START website uses two main types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary files stored on the user’s end device until they log out, leave the website or turn off the software (internet browser). Persistent cookies are stored on the user’s end device for a period of time determined in the cookie parameters or until removed by the user.


Software used to view internet websites (internet browser) usually permits storage of cookies on the user’s end device by default. Users can change these settings. Internet browsers have an option to remove cookies. It is also possible to block cookies automatically. Detailed information can be found in the help section or in internet browser documentation.


Restricting the use of cookies may affect some functions of the JUST START website.


Cookies stored on the end device can also be used by advertisers or partners collaborating with JUST START. JUST START shall not be liable for cookies of which it is not the creator nor owner.


Cookies can be used by advertising networks, especially Google, to display advertising contents adjusted to one’s use of internet websites. To facilitate this, they may store information on the user’s navigation path or time spent on an individual website.


The user can view and edit the information stored by Google and obtained from cookies which relates to their preferences by using the following tool:


JUST START shall have the right to track the actions of the users of the JUST START website with the use of the appropriate software, provided that the information is only tracked in order to optimise the services provided and while preserving the users’ anonymity.