Terms and conditions of JUST START

I General

§1. Definitions

JUST START – Internet portal (online shop) available under www.juststart.pl, which allows the Customers to purchase Goods.

Goods – Goods, which may be the object of turnover (sale), available to be purchased in JUST START.

User – natural person, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, who has an account in JUST START.

Customer – natural person, legal person or legally capable organizational unit without legal personality, who makes a purchase in JUST START.

JUST START COMPANY – ARTIGLO GROUP limited liability company with a registered seat in Warsaw (01-614) at ul. Święcickiego 14, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the Regional Court for the city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 13th Economic Division of the National Court Register, with initial capital of: PLN 20 000.00 fully paid, KRS Number: 0000564971, Tax Identification Number NIP: 5252623080 and REGON Number: 361631130 Contact data: hello@juststart.pl.

Service – Service consisting in allowing Customers to make a purchase of Goods selected from among those available in JUST START.

Visitor – natural person, legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality who visits JUST START without being logged in as User.

Graphical Work – Piece within the meaning of the Act of 04.02.1994 on copyrights and derivative rights (consolidated text Dz. U. 2006, No. 90, item 631 as amended).

Rules and Regulations – the present Rules and Regulations.

§2. Legal basis

Service is provided on the basis of Rules and Regulations and binding provisions of Polish and EU law.

§3. Technical requirements

In order to use JUST START the following shall be required:

use of a computer device with a browser, whose configuration allows for accessing JUST START under www.juststart.pl, as well as accepting and use of cookies and connection of the end device with Internet; active e-mail account.

§4. Legal requirements

All Users and Customers are obliged to become acquainted with and accept unconditionally the provisions of Rules and Regulations before commencing the use of JUST START.

Each User and Customer shall declare to have full legal capacity to undertake legal acts.

§5. Object of Rules and Regulations

The present Rules and Regulations regulare conditions and principles of providing Services by JUST START COMPANY using the JUST START service.

II Use of the Service

§6. Objective of the Service

The main objective of the Service is to allow Users and Visitors to purchase Goods.

§7. Due diligence

JUST START COMPANY provides due diligence in order to provide Services at the highest possible level.

§8. No registration required

Viewing the range of available Goods at the JUST START website does not require registration.

§9. JUST START account registration

In order to register in JUST START must complete a registration form, along with your name or nickname (pseudonym), e-mail address and password, accept JUST START terms and conditions and consent to the processing of personal data to the extent necessary to establish a relation, shaping its content, changes, termination and the proper implementation of electronically supplied services and order completion.

Registration with JUST START is voluntary and free.

§10. Logging-in

After registering with JUST START every login is done using the data given in the registration form.

§11. Deleting the account

To delete a JUST START user account you need to send an e-mail with the request to delete your account to the following address: hello@juststart.pl.

§12. Invitation to conclude the contract

Information about the Goods available under JUST START constitute an invitation to conclude the contract within the meaning of art. 71 of the Civil Code

§13. Prices

Prices of Goods presented in JUST START:

  1. a) include VAT and are given in Polish zloty as gross amounts;
  2. b) do not include delivery costs. Delivery costs depend on the manner of delivery of Goods to the Customer, value and size of the order and are listed when choosing the method of delivery of the product by the Customer. The total cost of the order (i.e. price of the Goods, including costs of delivery) is indicated in the cart before the customer places the order.

§14. Price changes

JUST START COMPANY reserves the right to ongoing change of prices of Goods. The right referred to in the previous sentence, does not affect orders placed before the date of entry into force of the price change.

§15. Delivery

  1. On the JUST START subpage presenting the product, JUST START COMPANY shall publish information on the number of working days, i.e. weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, during which the object of the contract shall be shipped. The above information runs from the time the order is placed to the moment the order is shipped to the customer through the Polish Post or courier. Delivery time is given with regard to the date of completion of all the ordered Goods. Delivery time depends on the availability of the Goods.
  2. On Polish territory and outside it, the object of the order can be delivered by Polish Post or courier to the address indicated by the Customer.
  3. JUST START COMPANY is not responsible for the prolonged delivery or non-delivery accountable to the Customer providing incorrect or incomplete data, including incorrect or incomplete delivery address.
  4. Available delivery methods:

By courier.

  1. Delivery costs are clearly indicated when the order is placed. They are dependent on the Customer’s method of delivery and payment.
  2. The maximum time of delivery on Polish territory amounts to 14 working days from recording the payment at the bank account or settlement account of JUST START COMPANT in case of the advance payment (e-payment).

§16. Procedure for placing an order

The process of placing an order begins with clicking the “Add to Cart” button on the product page. The next step consists in going to shopping cart page and choosing the method of payment and delivery. Then, you need to log in or place an order as Visitor. In both cases, the address and data must be given to allow for further contact with the Customer. Then an order summary is provided, containing all relevant information, including in particular the cost, description of Goods, information about delivery and information on the rights available to the consumer in connection with the purchase. The last step of the order process is to click “Complete Order”.

§17. Payments

  1. JUST START accepts following forms of payment:
  • Bank transfer
  • Delivery time is counted from the moment of registration of payment at the bank account of JUST START COMPANY
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  1. When placing an order the Customer selects one of the following forms of payment confirmation:
  2. receipt,
  3. invoice.

§18. Claims and Complaints

JUST START COMPANY is accountable to the Customer, if the Goods sold are defective of physical or legal nature (warranty).

JUST START COMPANY is liable under the warranty for physical defects which existed at the time of the transition of the danger to the Customer or resulting from causes inherent in the Goods sold at the same time. Physical defect consists in the incompatibility of the Goods with the Sales Agreement. In particular, sold Goods is inconsistent with the Sales Agreement if:

It does not have the properties that Goods of this kind should have due to the purpose of the Sales Agreement, marked or resulting from circumstances or intention,

It does not have characteristics or features, of the existence of which JUST START COMPANY assured the Customer, including by presenting a sample or model,

It is not suitable for the intended use of which the Customer has informed JUST START COMPANY at the conclusion of the Sales Agreement and JUST START COMPANY had not raised objections to such an intended use,

It was released to the Customer in the incomplete condition,

in the event of malfunction of its installation and commissioning if these activities were performed by the COMPANY JUST START or a third party, for which WILL JUST START responsibility, either by the customer, who has acted according to the instructions received from’S JUST START

  1. COMPANY JUST START is accountable to the customer if the product sold is owned by a third party, or if it is loaded with the right of a third party, and if the restriction on the use or disposal of the Goods due to the decision or judgment of a competent authority; in the event of selling the right COMPANY JUST START is also responsible for the existence of the law.
  2. COMPANY JUST START is exempt from liability under the warranty if the customer knew about the defect at the time of conclusion of the Sales Agreement. Goods can then advertise only if it discloses in him another defect – Unknown Customer at the time of purchase.
  3. COMPANY JUST START liable to the Customer for the sold Goods if the defect is found during the two years since its release.
  4. The customer has one year from the date of notice to defect filing claims arising from warranty terms’S JUST START.
  5. In case of a defect customer can submit a complaint to the COMPANY a warranty request of one of the four actions:
  • exchange the Goods for new Goods,
  • repair the Goods,
  • provide a discount,
  • Terminate the contract – if the defect is considerable.
  1. Claim type shall be selected by the Customer
  2. If the Customer requests the replacement or repair of the Goods, WILL JUST START may refuse to fulfill the request, provided that the option indicated by the Customer:

It would have been impossible to achieve for JUST START COMPANY


require extra costs in comparison with other possible options.

  1. JUST START COMPANY within fourteen (14) calendar days will address customer complaints and notify him about how to proceed.
  2. A prerequisite to JUST START COMPANY considered the complaint, it is to provide the Customer advertised Goods or Goods with proof of purchase of the Goods (Goods) from’ JUST START COMPANY and description of the complaint (document template complaint is delivered to the Customer together with the provided the Goods) to the following address: ul. Święcickiego 14, 01-614 Warsaw. The cost of delivery of the Goods covered JUST START COMPANY to the amount of the cheapest method of delivery offered when buying goods in the JUST START.
  3. If due to the type of defect, type of Goods or method of its installation, it would not be possible to deliver the Goods by the Customer or it would be excessively difficult, the Customer shall obliged to provide the Goods to JUST START COMPANY at the place where the product is in fact located.
  4. In the case the complaint is settled in favor of the Customer – JUST START COMPANY, depending on the submitted request, shall repair or replace the Goods to the Customer at full value or reimburse for the advertised product within fourteen (14) days from the date of the complaint settlement.
  5. JUST START COMPANY returns the customer the costs incurred in connection with the complaint including in particular the costs of delivery of the Goods (and return shipping) to the amount of the cheapest method of delivery offered in JUST START.
  6. The Customer purchasing the Goods relating to their occupation or business (Customer who is not a consumer) has the right to file a complaint in accordance with applicable law.

§19. Withdrawal from the contract

The Customer who is a natural person, making purchases in JUST START within the area not connected with trade or profession (a consumer) may withdraw from the contract of sale regarding the Goods purchased at JUST START without giving any reason within 14 (fourteen) calendar days from the date of Goods release (delivery).

To meet the deadline it is enough to send a statement of withdrawal from the contract before the deadline.

The right of withdrawal is not available to Customers (consumers) in the case of the purchase of Goods having the characteristics specified by the Customer in his order, or closely associated with his person – this applies in particular to non-prefabricated Goods, produced according to the consumer’s specifications or adjusted to meet their individualized needs.

Shipping the Goods from the Customer in the event of withdrawal shall be borne by JUST START COMPANY to the amount of the least expensive method of delivery offered under the JUST START service. The cost of transport will be added to the value of the Goods and will be returned to the account specified by the Customer.

§20. Availability of Service

To the fullest extent permitted by law, JUST START COMPANY shall not be liable for any interference, including interruptions in the functioning of JUST START caused by force majeure, unauthorized acts of third parties or incompatibility between JUST START and the technical infrastructure of the Customer.

JUST START COMPANY endeavors to ensure that services rendered within the framework of JUST START were of highest quality, but JUST START COMPANY does not exclude the possibility of a temporary suspension of the availability of JUST START in case of the need for maintenance, overhaul, replacement of equipment, or in connection with the necessity of modernization or expansion of JUST START.

§21. Use of JUST START

The User can use all available functionality of JUST START, including purchase Goods made available by JUST START unless they violate generally applicable laws, rights of third parties, including intangible property rights of third parties, personal property rights of any third party and the principles of social coexistence.

III Final conclusions

§22. Contact with JUST START

To contact JUST START COMPANY you need to send a message (e-mail) to: hello@juststart.pl.

§23. Validity of provisions

In the event that the competent court or public authority deems selected provisions of the Rules and Regulations to be invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

§24. Court competence

Any disputes arising between the non-consumer User or Customer according to the law, and in particular within the meaning of the Civil Code and the JUST START COMPANY will be settled by the court competent for the seat of JUST START COMPANY.

In the event of a dispute between User or Customer being a consumer and JUST START COMPANY, the User or Customer has the right to choose the competent court from among the competent courts of law to resolve the dispute.

§25. Binding provisions of law

Matters not regulated by the provisions of the present Rules and Regulations shall be governed by the Polish and EU law.

26. Blocking of sent messages

To the fullest extent permitted by law, JUST START COMPANY shall not be responsible for the blocking messages to the e-mail address specified by the User or Customer by the administrators of mail servers and for the removal and blocking of e-mail software installed on the computer used by the User or Customer.

27. Changes to these Rules and Regulations

Rules can be changed by the JUST START COMPANY with the proviso that the revised Rules and Regulations will be made available for inspection by Users, Customers and Visitors at least 14 days before entry into force, in a way that ensures the opportunity to get acquainted with new or amended provisions.

If you do not accept the amendment to the Rules and Regulations, the User is obliged to consult electronically with JUST START within 14 days of receipt of information about the changes in the Rules and Regulations in order to inform about the lack of consent.

If you do not accept the amendment of the Rules and Regulations, immediately after obtaining such information by JUST START, your account will be deleted from JUST START, and the new provisions of the Rules and Regulations will not apply.

Orders placed by customers before the entry into force of amendments to the Rules and Regulations are executed according to the existing provisions of the Rules and Regulations.

28. Availability of these Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations are available for inspection in electronic form on the website www.juststart.pl/regulamin.

29. Annex

Rules and Regulations have one Annex: Privacy Policy

30. Entry into force

Rules and Regulations come in force on 14 September 2016.